Monday, January 02, 2012

IE9 Meet Your New Browser Welcome Page Tab Opens When IE9 Starts

IE9 Meet Your New Browser Welcome Page Tab Opens When IE9 Starts

This is a very interesting post. It involved IE9 and the Meet your new browser welcome page. It has been written with a solution by the author for windows 2008 R2 server but the same solution can be applied to windows 7.

Prevent Internet explorer Welcome Tab from Opening

IE9, although it looks very similar to IE8, is a different browser in many respects and in particular in regards to security. One of the differences hat can catch a terminal server admin (RDS windows 2008) a surprise is that cookies are disabled by default with IE9. Admins will now, one way to circumvent this problem would be to setup the default user profile before the suers begin logging in for the first time. One hey login, their local or roaming profile is created and used after that. Once the user profiles have been created, the solution for solving the cookie problem can be solved using a logon script.

Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 Welcome Page Tab

The meet your new browser welcome tab can also be very annoying and for less savvy computers users, cause them to call in for tech support.
One of the ways to solve the meet your new browser welcome page and also make the IE( setup question asking the user to select express setting or customer settings is to use local group policy editor on the server.