Thursday, May 15, 2008

Service Pack 3 Doesn't Install IE7

The fact that SP3 for XP doesn't install IE7 was a very good decision made by Microsoft. There are still too many applications that rely on IE7 and would break if installed with an update.

XPSP3 is just over 300 MB. This is a nice sized download and contains all previous hotfixes after SP2.

List of fixes:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catastrophic Failure Message Display During Installation

Catastrophic failure for feature mini driver when installing, re-installing or removing the Fujitsu Windows scanning software.
If you get this message, while trying to install or remove the software from a desktop then open registry editor and do a search for the string windows scanning. Rename or remove the keys for these entries and especially the ones that have to do with the list of installed applications. The goal is to make Windows XP believe that this software is not already installed. Once this is complete then try installing the software again.
I had experienced this message while working with a fujitsu 5120 scanner. In windows, the scanner comes up as a fi-5120Cdj scanner and is popular with many medical manager applications.

HP Online Diagnostic - Memory

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Information Technology Support - Adventure (Rated PG): Computer Desktop and Server Management

Are you considering offering your customers a NOC type service for their desktops and servers. Want to monitor your customer's networ kand data infrustructure to provide more support and generate more revenue by knowing about problems before your customers do. Managed service can be provided by a software package known as Kaseya.