Friday, March 28, 2014


Automatic Detection of Intranet Security Not Working.

Error : Security Warning -  we can't verify who created this file.

Change the following setting on the local machine using local policy or use a GPO to configure this setting for an OU or domain.  What this setting does, and it worked perfectly, was to apply Intranet Security policy for any computer that is on the domain.

The automatic detection has an issue with shortcuts or urls that use the FQDN even if it the local domain. Setting this policy make that Autodetection work. This was a domain with a 2003 domain controller and a windows serer 2008 R2 domain controller. The GPO setting was configured using gpedit on the 2008 server. No additiona administrative templates or kits had to be added. Thi s was with the default admx files found on 2008 R2.

To set the policy setting:
Open gpedit on the Windows 2008 server > User configuration > Administrative templates > Windows components > Internet explorer > Internet control Panel > Security Page
   Enable "Turn on automatic detection of intranet"