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Support Services Example

The Customer has a dozen or so users using laptops and PCs. They have two servers, email is via an ISP, and their website is hosted by the same. They use a router and firewall for protection and backup both servers to tape. Working from home and remote access is permitted for some users.

A customer visit and subsequent discussion yields a commitment to support the network and provide technical support as and when the need arises. A retainer type contract is setup to provide telephone, remote maintenace and configuration, and remote user support. Any on-site work for improvements, upgrades, installations or configurations involving new software or equipment would be outside the retainer crtieria and incur a cost.

PC Remote Maintenance: Tele-Fix Corporation's New PC Remote Maintenance (PCRM) Product that Enable Next-Generation Remote Service (by Phone or Net) and User Support

ST. LOUIS, MO -- June 7, 2002 -- In a move designed to lead the Remote Service and Support of computer users, Tele-Fix Corporation announced a new hardware and software for taking control of remote computers today. This is completed by using the PCRM Internal PC Card or External device for Remote Installation and Maintenance of BIOS, Operating-Systems and User Applications.

Whether you support Servers or PCs, for customers, or for friends, this PCRM will lead the support in remote control solutions with new features for greater security, easier use, and increased customizability.

Remote Support On The Web

Full remote support capabilities

Bios level support, Communications definitions and failures support, Hard disc formatting, Windows, Linux or any other Operating System installation, support and maintenance, Web access definitions and more.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Newest Release of Siebel CRM Professional Edition Builds on Siebel's Momentum in SMB Market; Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 Available Now

SAN MATEO, Calif.-October 3, 2005 - Siebel Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEBL), a leading provider of customer-facing solutions, today announced the availability of Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8. The newest release of Siebel's on premise offerings for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) delivers customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities specifically designed to support the unique business requirements of SMBs. This new release helps improve end user adoption through seamless integration with familiar desktop and Web applications. Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 also provides cost-effective access to advanced call center functionality through integration with Siebel's hosted contact center and delivers built-in best practices to increase sales, service, and marketing effectiveness.

"The release of Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 underscores Siebel's continued leadership in providing CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses," said Mark Engebretson, Director of IT Applications at Plumtree Software. "It expands the frontiers of what is possible for an SMB-specific CRM solution to deliver and does so in a manner that is affordable and appropriate for our IT capabilities. We are particularly excited about the new Siebel integration to Microsoft Outlook as it will allow us to increase the speed with which our employees can access important customer data and improve the quality of their decisions and interactions with customers."

Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 is the latest release of Siebel Systems' leading on premise CRM solution for SMBs. New features include:

Siebel Connectors to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook-Siebel users are able to directly access and manage Siebel contacts, appointments, and tasks from Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, changes that are made to shared customer data in one application will be automatically synchronized with the other application. This high degree of integration increases the end user benefits of both Siebel and Outlook and ensures that employees have consistent information regardless of the system they use.

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint-Siebel users can use Microsoft's portal technology to develop personalized microsites that include key sales and service information from Siebel. These sites can be used to improve employee productivity through more effective project management and team collaboration.

Integration with Siebel Contact OnDemand-Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 integrates with Siebel Contact OnDemand, a hosted contact center that provides telephone infrastructure and automated call routing. Now SMBs can access industry-leading contact center functionality without deploying additional hardware or software.

Leading Help Desk Capabilities-Siebel CRM Professional Edition delivers a full solution for managing and administering internal IT support that adheres to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards.

"Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 is designed for rapid end user adoption and can be deployed by SMBs that face budgetary and resource constraints," said Rob Reid, Group Vice President, SMB, Siebel Systems. "However, we've also been able to provide the deeper functionality that midsized businesses need to address more sophisticated sales, service, and marketing challenges. With Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 we're combining the best that Siebel has to offer with other leading productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and SharePoint."

Siebel CRM Professional Edition continues to gain momentum in the marketplace-growing by 178 percent annually and gaining industry awards and recognition. Most recently, Siebel Systems was awarded a Midsize Enterprise Innovation Award by attendees at this year's Midsize Enterprise Summit, an event produced by Vision Events®, a Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB) company. Siebel Systems also recently won CRM Magazine's 2005 Market Leaders Award for the Midmarket Suite CRM category.

Siebel CRM Professional Edition 7.8 is available now. For additional information, please visit


VMWare - Virtualization Support

Virtualization Support

The VMware Support team provides a range of support offerings backed by industry-leading expertise in virtualization and virtual infrastructure. Our cumulative years of experience installing, integrating and supporting virtualization technologies in production environments results in timely and accurate support.


Desktop Support via Remote Support

Netopia NBBS Remote Management Software

Pfizer Selects Netopia NBBS Remote Management Software to Support Broadband-Enabled Workforce
Netopia, Inc. (OTCBB:NTPA), a market leader in broadband equipment and service delivery software, today announced that Pfizer, Inc. (NYSE:PFE), has selected Netopia's Broadband Server (NBBS) platform to centrally manage, support, and administer Pfizer's broadband equipment deployed to over 10,000 remote sales representatives in Pfizer's North America field organization.
Pfizer's use of Netopia's TR-069 NBBS management system will enable Pfizer IT staff and help desk agents to remotely manage Pfizer's deployment of cable/DSL Wi-Fi gateways delivering secure broadband access to Pfizer's network and the Internet. With Netopia's NBBS platform, Pfizer will set up and configure its customer premises equipment (CPE), remotely update firmware, and apply security policies for firewalls and VPN access, all through a custom Web-based portal. Netopia is hosting the NBBS software for Pfizer's use at Netopia's hosting centers, allowing Pfizer personnel to securely access NBBS services on a subscription basis.
"We selected Netopia's NBBS remote management platform because it gives us the tools we need to reduce support calls and truck rolls to our remote sales representatives," said Jay Stallard, Senior Manager at Pfizer. "In addition to support cost savings, Netopia's software platform provides us a centralized management system for application of corporate security polices to ensure the integrity of Pfizer's network assets."


Desktop Support via Remote Support

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Found the following site below while searching the web. I don't even remember what I was originally looking for but came across this site and company. They have their act together and sound like they would be an asset for any organization looking to outsource projects.

PSTS' expert team focuses on resolving issues, scheduling requests and allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Utilizing Frontrange Solutions' Heat® (IT service management software) to track your support calls from first contact through resolution, we provide a mix of pc remote control for remote support and on-site services.
Support solutions are tailored to meet the specific challenges of your organization. The solution can be a mix of your staff and PSTS personnel.

PSTS Approach

- First-Level Support - Skilled technicians available to resolve a wide variety of issues and fulfill various requests.
- Specialists in troubleshooting a wide range of issues.
- Skilled phone and remote support technicians.
- Priority and call type assignment.
- Dispatch of PSTS field technicians.
- Call escalation to second level support.
- Second-Level Support- Skilled technicians capable of getting to the root cause of issues.
- Specialists in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Active Directory, Cisco, Dell, and other leading networking products.
- Resolution action plan development and implementation.
- Skilled support technicians.
- Field Support Technicians - PSTS' hands-on network support team.
- Specialists in installations, troubleshooting, and on-site client interaction.
- Dispatched by PSTS first level or by your staff.
PSTS Deliverables
- Professional, timely, expert problem resolution managed by our experienced management team.
- Scheduled moves, adds and changes.
- Automated email reporting of ticket creation, re-assignments and resolution descriptions.
- Scheduled call trend reporting to allow you to make appropriate decisions regarding your IT environment.

About PSTS

PSTS is a premier Information Technology consulting firm located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. PSTS is a proud member of the Penn Millers Group, a financially stable and growth-oriented group of companies whose founding member dates back to 1887.
It is PSTS' philosophy to help you make comprehensive, informed and cost-effective IT decisions. PSTS differentiates itself from other IT consulting firms by not only designing and implementing the right solution, but also ensuring that your organization is prepared to maintain those remote computer support solutions. We'll be there at your side providing the service that has built PSTS' rock-solid reputation with our customers. Whether your organization is looking for a partner to handle a project from start to finish or to merely assist your internal IT department in a particular analysis or deployment, PSTS has the flexibility to accommodate your unique business needs.
One size does not fit all in the technology world and our consulting methodology ensures that PSTS understands your organization and its unique requirements before recommending a solution. PSTS acts in a consultative fashion because we believe technology solutions should facilitate business processes, not restrict them. We understand today's competitive remote pc access on the web marketplace and the role of technology as an enabler of your business strategy.
Let PSTS Empower Your Business Through Technology.

Read/Learn More :

Dell OpenManage™ Remote Install

Introduction to Remote Install: Dell OpenManage™ Remote Install User's Guide

Remote Install is a solution for remotely provisioning and configuring Dell™ PowerEdge™ 1655MC systems. Remote Install performs unattended, simultaneous provisioning and configuration of systems over the network by leveraging image-based technology.
The imaging process involves capturing an image from a source system, creating an image file in a storage location, and then remotely deploying the image to multiple target systems. Images are managed by an image server, which is the system running Remote Install. You can manage the imaging process remotely from an admin console, which is a system running a Web browser and displaying content served by the image server. See "Terminology" for definitions of essential Remote Install terms.

Provides Dell OpenManage Web-based user interface for remote access.
Automatically detects supported systems as they are added to the network.
Performs large-scale provisioning from a central site.
Automatically deploys an operating system image and configuration to new systems.
Remotely installs an operating system onto bare-metal systems across the network.
Recovers a system, including the operating system and software, across the network.
Remotely configures systems or operating system components.
Expands provisioning capability using image and RAID package import and export.
Remotely configures RAID settings of target systems before deployment of the operating system.
Provides export log and report for ease of support.
Uses Dell Service Tags as unique system IDs.


PC Remote Support

For computer remote support software see , Provide PC remote support at an affordable rate with web based pc remote support software.

Desktop Remote Support

The are many ways to support a remote user or a customer. A technical support specialist can talk them through steps to install of configure software, and even in some cased to trouble shoot the problem the remote computer desktop user may be having. there is also HTML chat that has been growing in use over the years and has gained quite a lot of ground in being one of the most useful tools for pre-sales support and for the starting point of post sales support. The use of online web html chat scripts is that they enable direct communication from the company that is providing a service to the remote desktop user that is need of support.
There is nearly instant access to help and promotes good customer relationships. I have to admin that one of the companies I use for digital security cert, like SSL certs, I selected because they have html on line chat support.
Desktop remote support can;t exactly be done through a text chat window but initial contact can be made with the remote desktop user which can lead to desktop remote support with remote control software. In the lease, a link can be sent through the window to the remote user who upon receiving the link can click on it then run a program for desktop remote support.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

November 19th, 2005 at 4:54 am
This new article is from:
www dot xatrix dot org/article.php?s=4166

W32/Sdbot-ADD is a worm with a troubling and innovative twist – it installs a root-kit backdoor on any machine it manages to infect.

The attack starts with an AOL IM user being asked to open a link. Clicking on this starts the infection sequence, dropping of a number of adware files, and the rootkit software itself, lockx.exe.

  • Remote Support Software

  • PC Remote Control

  • Once on the PC, the malware attempts to shut down anti-virus software, install software that allows the PC to be remotely controlled by IRC, and open a backdoor for future attack. It also contains an SMTP engine with which to collect email addresses.

    According to Chris Boyd of Facetime, the researcher who first discovered the malware, it has strange properties that mark it out. Several of the adware components it installs have been seen before, but what was innovative was the mixture of many different components, the installation of such a potentially dangerous executable, and the fact it attacks via the generally unprotected channel of instant messaging.