Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dell Wyse Xenith Review for Citrix Fast Installation Zero Client

Zero client review | Wyse Xenith Zero clients for Citrix HDX

  • Superb boot time
  • Awesome speed
  • Detailed confirability
  • Easily manageable 
  • All settings easily accessible 

Wyse Xenith Zero clients for Citrix Installation and Speed Review

Installed fifteen Wyse Xenith Zero clients for Citrix HDX. That is not a large number of clients to install but it was the first of their kind that I was able to get my hands on. These clients were the best I have ever used.
I thought I admired the Windows Embedded client from Dell Wyse as those had installed 25 for another client prior to these Zero clients.

The embedded clients ere impressive. I thought those would be the best I would see but after installing the Wyse Xenith Zero clients for Citrix HDX , they were even easier and quicker to deploy. They boot up in seconds, about 5 to 8 , average (it was just lightning fast, at first I thought I was not booting them at all - you blink or look away for a second or two, you'll miss it)
Dell Wyse Xenith Zero client. 

The embedded clients have a longer boot time and have a desktop of an embedded windows operating system to take into consideration whereas the zero clients have only the Dell Wyse Zero Engine. The boot time for the zero client was about 5 seconds to a login form/page. That was a complete power cycle. Login is quick, access to admin features was very fast and easy too.

Dell Wyse Xenith Zero client Speed 

Admin features can be made to be displayed on the left side of the screen on mouse-over if required. In this case it was made to remain hidden. Accessing admin features was very fast too with most changes requiring a reboot, that was no problem as the reboot was so fast.

Access Wyse Xenith Admin Settings, How to Access admin mode on Dell Wyse Zero client

To access administrative settings just hit control + alt + delete. You'll be given options in a small window that is displayed. Choose display admin option button and restart. Once you reboot, which is very fast as mentioned, click on admin, then you have access to all the settings - and there are a lot of settings to customize the the thin client to you needs and specifications. Optionally, while restarting/rebooting, hold the shift key down on the keyboard. You will notice that the admin button stays after reboots and power cycles. To get rid of the admin button on the zero client, just hit control + alt + delete and select the option not to display the admin button.

The Dell Wyse Xenith Zero client has many Settings to fit any Environment

Wireless settings can be configured as well as standard wired network settings. The default domain of the client can be added. The default username and password if desired can be configured. Also so many display and and other settings such as the zero clients name on the network, resolution and even the settings by which to find and connect to a management server or servers. All settings can be done manually at the client per client of can be managed by Dell Wyse client management software.