Sunday, February 15, 2015

Command Line to Get Dell Service Tag or HP System Serial Number


Get Dell Service Tag of a Server or Desktop Computer System using just a Command Line

Get a Dell service tag or HP serial number of a server or desktop computer system by using only a command line. Third party utilities or other OEM tools like Dell BMC are not required. Dell Open Manage tools or agents don't have to be installed. On an HP server, Server Manager or HP management agents don't have to be installed. On a Windows or Linux system (Linux command line shown further down in this post), the Dell service tag or board serial number of an HP server or desktop computer system can be displayed by using native Microsoft Widows Management commands. To get and display the Dell service tag of a system with windows installed (Windows XP or higher) simply open a command prompt window, also known as a command window, and enter the following command. 

C:\> wmic bios get serialnumber

Hit enter and on the next line will be displayed the Dell service tag or the HP serial number. Obtaining this information will help looking up the system, server or desktop computer, on the appropriate web-site, Dell or HP, to obtain drivers or other related software and warranty information. 

Alternatively, the following command will provide the same information: 

 C:\> wmic systemenclosure get serialnumber

The same Command line can be used to get the serial number or service tag of a white-box computer system. 

Getting the serial number or tag of a whitebox system is done the same way. Unfortunately, the results may not display the information you need because the manufacture must have populated the field that is queried with the Windows Management command. IN many cases, what will be displayed in place of the serial number or is "To Be Filled by O.E.M." .  

Using only a command line or shell to obtain the system serial number or Dell service tag on Linux

You may have the need to obtain a service tag or serial number of a Linux based computer system server or desktop. The idea and principles are the same With a simple command line display the serial number or service tag. Dell, HP, or IBM tools are not required. The command to get and display the serial number or service tag is different from windows of course but the results are similar. The following command line from a shell works on Linux and Cent OS, other distribution could and will work too but I only tested with these two distributions of Linux.

On Linux Execute the following command from a command shell to get Dell Service Tag

      # dmidecode | grep -i serial      
      # dmidecode -t 1

 DMIDECODE may have to be installed first before the command will be successful. Again, no HP or dell or IBM tools are required.  
# yum -y install dmidecode