Sunday, June 17, 2007

Symantec Norton Security group has been in my experience the worst in providing even just basic informational support. I had a question that was fairly easy for a customer and it's been a week and I've not received a response from them. Not even an automated response was sent back as a notification that the email was received - nothing. One week now and they've not replied. That is pathetic.

A previous post highlighed reports how their software at the time had difficulty removing the W32/Sdbot-ADD worm.

Symantec products, in my opinion, aren't that good either, too pricey, often add to a problem, and in most cases I find them slow. For example, the Norton Antivirus software is a computer CPU and memory hog! While working on a system to resolve another issue, I'll turn off that program just to allow the computer to work faster so I could complete the original problem.

In the case of Norton security, it IS THE PROBLEM. What a piece of junk that program is. It's worse than Microsoft Vista's UAC (User Access Control). I had to work out a bunch of issues for a customer that was unable to send email because Norton security was blocking Outlook, yes Outlook, from sending email . Norton Security is a horrible joke to play on people.