Thursday, December 22, 2005

Found the following site below while searching the web. I don't even remember what I was originally looking for but came across this site and company. They have their act together and sound like they would be an asset for any organization looking to outsource projects.

PSTS' expert team focuses on resolving issues, scheduling requests and allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Utilizing Frontrange Solutions' Heat® (IT service management software) to track your support calls from first contact through resolution, we provide a mix of pc remote control for remote support and on-site services.
Support solutions are tailored to meet the specific challenges of your organization. The solution can be a mix of your staff and PSTS personnel.

PSTS Approach

- First-Level Support - Skilled technicians available to resolve a wide variety of issues and fulfill various requests.
- Specialists in troubleshooting a wide range of issues.
- Skilled phone and remote support technicians.
- Priority and call type assignment.
- Dispatch of PSTS field technicians.
- Call escalation to second level support.
- Second-Level Support- Skilled technicians capable of getting to the root cause of issues.
- Specialists in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Active Directory, Cisco, Dell, and other leading networking products.
- Resolution action plan development and implementation.
- Skilled support technicians.
- Field Support Technicians - PSTS' hands-on network support team.
- Specialists in installations, troubleshooting, and on-site client interaction.
- Dispatched by PSTS first level or by your staff.
PSTS Deliverables
- Professional, timely, expert problem resolution managed by our experienced management team.
- Scheduled moves, adds and changes.
- Automated email reporting of ticket creation, re-assignments and resolution descriptions.
- Scheduled call trend reporting to allow you to make appropriate decisions regarding your IT environment.

About PSTS

PSTS is a premier Information Technology consulting firm located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. PSTS is a proud member of the Penn Millers Group, a financially stable and growth-oriented group of companies whose founding member dates back to 1887.
It is PSTS' philosophy to help you make comprehensive, informed and cost-effective IT decisions. PSTS differentiates itself from other IT consulting firms by not only designing and implementing the right solution, but also ensuring that your organization is prepared to maintain those remote computer support solutions. We'll be there at your side providing the service that has built PSTS' rock-solid reputation with our customers. Whether your organization is looking for a partner to handle a project from start to finish or to merely assist your internal IT department in a particular analysis or deployment, PSTS has the flexibility to accommodate your unique business needs.
One size does not fit all in the technology world and our consulting methodology ensures that PSTS understands your organization and its unique requirements before recommending a solution. PSTS acts in a consultative fashion because we believe technology solutions should facilitate business processes, not restrict them. We understand today's competitive remote pc access on the web marketplace and the role of technology as an enabler of your business strategy.
Let PSTS Empower Your Business Through Technology.

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RudeAwakening said...

It would be nice to see an update on PSTS support offering and policies. With the widespread growth in software that permits remote control and support of computers and server over the Internet, they most likely have reduced the number of techs that are dispatched to go on-site and increased the volume of "help-desk" staff (or moved the field techs) and supplied them with computer remote access and remote control software for remotely supporting their users.

Thank you.