Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dell OpenManage™ Remote Install

Introduction to Remote Install: Dell OpenManage™ Remote Install User's Guide

Remote Install is a solution for remotely provisioning and configuring Dell™ PowerEdge™ 1655MC systems. Remote Install performs unattended, simultaneous provisioning and configuration of systems over the network by leveraging image-based technology.
The imaging process involves capturing an image from a source system, creating an image file in a storage location, and then remotely deploying the image to multiple target systems. Images are managed by an image server, which is the system running Remote Install. You can manage the imaging process remotely from an admin console, which is a system running a Web browser and displaying content served by the image server. See "Terminology" for definitions of essential Remote Install terms.

Provides Dell OpenManage Web-based user interface for remote access.
Automatically detects supported systems as they are added to the network.
Performs large-scale provisioning from a central site.
Automatically deploys an operating system image and configuration to new systems.
Remotely installs an operating system onto bare-metal systems across the network.
Recovers a system, including the operating system and software, across the network.
Remotely configures systems or operating system components.
Expands provisioning capability using image and RAID package import and export.
Remotely configures RAID settings of target systems before deployment of the operating system.
Provides export log and report for ease of support.
Uses Dell Service Tags as unique system IDs.


PC Remote Support

For computer remote support software see , Provide PC remote support at an affordable rate with web based pc remote support software.

Desktop Remote Support

The are many ways to support a remote user or a customer. A technical support specialist can talk them through steps to install of configure software, and even in some cased to trouble shoot the problem the remote computer desktop user may be having. there is also HTML chat that has been growing in use over the years and has gained quite a lot of ground in being one of the most useful tools for pre-sales support and for the starting point of post sales support. The use of online web html chat scripts is that they enable direct communication from the company that is providing a service to the remote desktop user that is need of support.
There is nearly instant access to help and promotes good customer relationships. I have to admin that one of the companies I use for digital security cert, like SSL certs, I selected because they have html on line chat support.
Desktop remote support can;t exactly be done through a text chat window but initial contact can be made with the remote desktop user which can lead to desktop remote support with remote control software. In the lease, a link can be sent through the window to the remote user who upon receiving the link can click on it then run a program for desktop remote support.

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