Thursday, May 15, 2008

Service Pack 3 Doesn't Install IE7

The fact that SP3 for XP doesn't install IE7 was a very good decision made by Microsoft. There are still too many applications that rely on IE7 and would break if installed with an update.

XPSP3 is just over 300 MB. This is a nice sized download and contains all previous hotfixes after SP2.

List of fixes:


Anonymous said...

Nice download speed. What type of an Internet access do you have. That must be a several megabit connection. How was the install? Was there an option to un-install the service pack, it's was a very wise decision to not add IE7. I know of many clients that still need IE6 or their browser based application will no function properly.

MrTechSupport said...

That was a wise decision bu Microsoft for sure. I'm glad IE7 doen't install with XP service pack3 but now with IE8 (Internet Explorer 8), around the corner who knows what could happen.

There were way too many web apps that were not ready IE7 yet and to make matters worse, there some inherent differences in the way IE7 operates when on XP or on Vista.