Saturday, February 18, 2006 created the SOSTEK system and provides remote support and uses a pay per incident system. The customer pays first then get supported remotely after payment is received.

Below is an excerpt right from their web page:

SOSTEK Remote Support

What it's all about

SOSTEK remote support system provide a easy to use solution that allows you to get your computer fixed without having to leave your home. Our fully qualified technicians can remotely connect to your pc with minimal fuss or effort. It only takes a few easy step to get started!

The range of items we can fix using SOSTEK:

- Virus and spyware removal
- Fix email errors
- Full application set-up and configuration software problems*
- Application diagnosis and repair*
- Troubleshoot driver issues
- Operating system diagnosis and repair*
- General hardware diagnosis+

SOSTEK remote support system does not install any permanent software on your computer but rather just a "plug in" that is completely uninstalled and removed from your computer after the on demand remote support session is completed or ended. You can also disconnect at any time during the remote support session.

This software is very safe and secure as it connects using 128bit encryption so data can't be seen by other sources.


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