Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is something new to add to the list of experiences.

I'm kind of baby sitting a computer network for a brokerage firm. They have their main offices in Manhattan but a bunch of the brokers have houses out east on Long Island - the Hamptons. This company has purchased a house and referbished the inside to make it look nice, new and comfortable. They equippedthe office with some state of the art computers, each with dual screens, and a high speed connection to the internet and their main office for trading. The computers ahve some financial broker type software on them from which the traders/brokers work from.
I'm spending the day out here waiting for something to fail I guess if they paid their IT staff more money, one of them would have a house out here too and be able to do this instead. I guess they don't and of course it's cheaper for them to hire my company to do it for them for the duration of the summer.
They've go a pretty good setup and it works out great for the employees. They finnish up work and with no commute home, they're in the pool by 4:30 in the afternoon. wow.

The dell desktops they have are quick and this is the fastest internet access I've experienced. The dual screens are pertty cool too but I'm not used to having them so it takes a little adjusting to look at both of them. I catch myself looking for a window I openned often on the same screen just to realize the window is o nthe other. Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

I had a similar supporting situation. In this case it was an accounting firm. It wasn't too bad since everything was running fine before I got there. I had only a couple simple desktop support type questions like adding a printer and a simple desktop application question then it was smooth sailing. There wasn't much to do. I like those kinds of tasks. I just wish I could have got some sleep while I was there siince it was so boring.