Friday, December 22, 2006

Remote Support Software

There are many products on the market today that give computer technicians a tool for providing Internet based remote support software. The tools are generally of two flavors. One is the well known brand names of remote support that have a very technologically advanced and robust system for desktop remote support and communication like webex or gotoassist. These are the extremes on one end of the scale. They are well known brands and do a very nice job of giving techs the tool to remotely assist users on the web.

On the other end of the sclae is the least most technologicaly advanced systems that are merely a program sold to you that have network configuration information compiled into them so that when they are downloaded and executed, they are programmed to connect to your "burned in" address. These are cheap and found from a variety of software vendors. There are even site s that let you build you own program that will do exactly as described.

This type of program for
remote control access of computers over the web to provide web-based remote support works well. Their inherent problem is that when your location from which you are providing remote support from changes, the program is obsolete. Not only can they not adjust if the location your providing internet based remote support software from changes, but they will also fail if you change Internet providers. So let's say for example, you switch from cable to dsl or a dedicated circuit like a T1 or fractional T1, the PC remote support software program that has you network information burned into it for your to provide remote tech support to your users or customer s to has just been rendered useless because it's programmed to connect to your old network address.

A better aproach is to use a system that maybe is in the middle of these two extremes sicne at these two extremes come a price difference as well.

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Jack The Support Guy said...

Thanks for the suggestion for remote control software that works over the web.
i tried and love it. It's cheap and works just like they say it will. I've connected to over a hundred computers so far and there are no hidden costs or gotchas. One flat rate.