Monday, March 20, 2006

I have always like Lotus Notes. Although I have not used it personally in several years, I have associates that use it daily in their workplace. It's really one of the most reliable large software packages around. It known for its stability and reliability. It's unfortunate that there isn't a good markeing strategy behind it however. Lotus now has a colaboration component to it. True to Lotus notes history, it's feature rich and reliable as the Notes and the Domino server itself.

SGA Systems is an developer Integrator specializing in Lotus Notes Domino Collaboration software. They could be found at -

Below is a snippet from one of their pdfs. A link to the pdf and the rest of the article could be found on the following page on SGA's web site - Read more...

" Imagine using one database to create, manage, and share all project information, tasks and activities. Imagine securely using that information on your laptop to work anytime and anyplace, regardless of whether you are connected to a server. Imagine if your team and management could collaborate with you inside the same database. SGA’s Project Collabartion provides all of these features and functions and much more. With our single-entry technology, you can handle multiple tasks at once. For example, when you schedule a meeting a calendar entry is automatically created on the integrated shared calendar and written to your personal calendar. If you have a PDA the information will be written to calendar next time you sync (or automatically with devices such as a Blackberry). You and your team build up the project activity history together. All project information is at your fingertips, including all activities in reverse-chronological order. Store all relevant files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) within the database for complete document management. Since the database is Lotus Notes based, you’ll have automatic replication to other servers and the ability to replicate... "

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My company uses Blackberry's enterprise server. It's one of the greatest tools that's come out in a long time. I really allows mobility for our sales department as they are able to communicate with the rest of the company almost instantly. The integration with Microsoft exchange is fantastic and the server itself is very reliable.