Monday, March 20, 2006

Remote Support Software - How it Works. Desktop remote control software for remote PC support over the Internet.

We've made it simple, easy and fast to provide on-demand remote desktop control of computer systems online over the web for remote support. With on demand PC remote control you could remotely support end-users, weather they're customers, fellow employees or friends and family quickly saving time & money.

remote control of virtually any PC quickly over the LAN, WAN, and the Internet without having to worry about getting through firewalls or routers. Your end user connects to you through the web. Best of all, there's no elaborate installation programs, hardware to buy, or web site URLs to maintain.

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Jeff Craig said...

Great looking blog. Keep up the hard work. I like the theme you selected. I use computer remote control software to do some support over the wan and LAN. It made by symantec. It works pretty good but it doesn't allow me to provide tech support over the net because I have to make changes to my customer's network equipment first in order to get access. It works pretty good on the local network. I'm going to try out 4RemoteSupport. They have an online pc remote support software solution that gives you ASP like service. You have a support profile page that you loginto to setup up your account and view statistics. Your end-user logs in for support on their web site or just downloads an executable and just enters your email address. The remote control software connect to your system over the internet and you have complete remote access and control over the desktop. Their remote support software is inexpensive too when you coppare it to some of the well known brands.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog.