Saturday, April 08, 2006

Microsoft delays Vista Release
It's so common that misrcrosoft delays their releases. I could remember going as far back as the first windows 95 realease date. It was postponed several times. At this point, whatever I hear or read as the release date, I tack on 6 months to a year. it may just be a well used and repeated marketing mechanism. For each delay there's an announcment and the buzz kicks about around all circles not just tech support rings. these delays resonate up the ranks to individuals who are making business and budget decisions (that's not to say tech-heads don't do those sort of things). Businesses make decisions on the deployment of computers depending on release dates of windows OSes. I am certainly sure of this as one of my company's custoemrs is waiting for the release of Vista before making a substantial purchase of new desktops.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the next Microsoft Server OS is called longhorn. One of the key changes in the networking subsystem is the totall integration or "built-in-ness" of IPV6 for both vista nad longhorn (server and desktop). Vista is, as I last heard and looked it up, due to be released in January of '07. As far as the next server release, those release delays are even more previlanet with the Server OSes so untill the due day is just a month or two a way, actually a week or two, it's hard to belive it will be released when expected.Thank you,
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