Sunday, April 09, 2006

Instant Virtual Extranet v2

Plug-in Network Appliances Enable Secure Remote Access By Browser.

The Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) appliances, the flagship product line from Neoteris, Inc., are plug-in devices for network administrators that enable secure remote access to corporate network resources for employees or business partners. The appliances themselves are installed onsite, on the organization's LAN, and serve as somewhat of an access proxy; enabling remote users to access corporate servers and applications using only their Web browser as an interface. The remote users connect to the devices using their public Internet connection and existing Web browsers (no additional client software is required); and the device then communicates with the host servers or applications via its built-in support for multiple communication protocols.



Anonymous said...

I've tried this and it's pretty smooth. More secure than port forwarding rdp into the network.

Jeff Craig said...

Worked like a charm for me. Using remote desktop when available is great because it's fast and solid remote control but you need to have access to the remote networking equipment to make changes to allow the protocol through.